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I am working on a project in android. I want to create a new paragraph using /n. But I am not getting results as expected.Is there any other way to create a new line?

My code is as follows

tv.setText("Some of the symptoms of cataract include:/n1.Cloudy, blurry or foggy vision/n2. Development of short-sightedness in older people/n3. Seeing colors differently./n3. Problems with glare during the day or night/n4. Double vision/n5. Sudden changes in prescription of glasses");
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it should be \n –  GauravGupta Feb 19 '14 at 10:26
thank u dear!!! –  NeoMatrix Feb 19 '14 at 10:40

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Use \n instead. Your slash is in the wrong direction. It has to be a back slash.

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\n Insert a newline in the text at this point.

hence, Use \n instead of /n

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Try this one out :)


For example:

TextView textView=(TextView)findViewById(R.id.textView1);
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