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I got a Word template with a 10 - 15 macros that are slowing down the loading time of Microsoft Word. My main attention is one specific .dot file, but this is existing in an environment with more macros. Since I'm not sure where the problem is excising I try to assess the startup flow of Microsoft word with alle the template and macros in general, and with my .dot file in particular.

My strategy now is to add a debug to a file and then analyse the output.

I was wondering what other strategies can be taken to analyse the startup flow of Word with several macros and templates. Are there any way of starting word in verbose mode, and besides creating logfiles and static code review what other analysis methods excisit.

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There is no VBE built in tool for this task. You need to half-manually track the time each sub processes. Ie. Dim t as Date, t = now at the beginning of sub then debug.print datediff("s", t, now) to get the elapsed time in seconds for a sub execution time. –  me how Feb 19 at 10:30
Thanks for the comment. By now I track by printing when sub processes are executed, are there any way of finding out when they are initialized / read from disk and created in memory? –  olovholm Feb 19 at 10:38
A Sub is initialized when it's called. You can probably see that in the VBA code –  me how Feb 19 at 10:46

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