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Why can constexpr not apply to constructors?

The following code cannot be compiled with VC++ 2013 CTP.

struct A
    constexpr A()
        : _n(5)

    int _n;

constexpr A f()
    return A();

int main()
    auto a = f();

error C3757: 'A': type not allowed for 'constexpr' function
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I thought MSVC only supported non-member constexpr functions. –  Simple Feb 19 at 10:59
Basically because VC++ doesn't support it. –  R. Martinho Fernandes Feb 19 at 11:05
Indeed, that wouldn't be a problem for another compiler such as GCC. –  E_net4 Feb 19 at 11:21

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VC 2013 does not support all C++11 features yet. Look at MSDN list.

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My compiler is VC++ 2013 CTP, rather than VC++ 2013. –  xmllmx Feb 20 at 4:58
According to this article, the support of constexpr in 2013 CTP is "except for member functions". –  Alexey Voytenko Feb 20 at 6:58

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