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I'm trying to create a chat system. Here it is: enter image description here

The top field takes the name of the user while the bottom textarea takes the message. Once the user pressed enter the middle textarea ( which is disabled) updates itself with the new record. This is done using nodejs sockets. My problem is that if I open another instance of google chrome and I type something the other google chrome textarea does not update. I'm puzzled by this since my code should cover this case:

Here is the server.js code that handles the insertion. After it inserts it, it emits a socket with the last insertion so that the index.html can update itself.


        if(err) throw err;
        var to_be_inserted = {name:,content: data.content};
            if(err) throw err;

            var cursor = db.collection("chat").find().sort({_id: -1}).limit(1);




As you can see once the data is inserted a socket is emitted containing the last row of the db. The index.html should handle this socket by updating itself. Here is the code that handles it:

            var socket = io.connect("");


                var completed = document.getElementById("chatArea").value;
                for(var i=0; i < cursor.length; i++)
                    console.log(cursor[i].name + " wrote: " + cursor[i].content);
                    var name = cursor[i].name;
                    var content = cursor[i].content;
                    var name_to_go = name.replace("/\r?\n|\r/g","");
                    var content_to_go = content.replace("/\r?\n|\r/g","");
                    completed+="\n" + name_to_go + ": " + content_to_go;


                document.getElementById("chatArea").value = completed;


                function keyfunction(e)

                    if((e.keyCode == 13 || e.which == 13) && !e.shiftKey)



                function socketEmitDb()
                    var name = document.getElementById("name").value;
                    var content = document.getElementById("writtenThing").value;
                    console.log("Name: " + name + " |||| content: " + content);

                    if(name.length > 0 && content.length > 0)

                        socket.emit("send",{"name": name,"content": content});

                        alert("Make sure that the name and the message is not empty");



Should't the socket be emitted towards all opened sockets?

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In your server program change socket.emit to io.sockets.emit.

socket.emit will send message to specific socket (client) that got connected. io.sockets.emit will send message to all connected sockets (clients)

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so the socket that comes from the argument of the callback is simply the socket that just connected? – Bula Feb 19 '14 at 11:58
that's correct. – vinayr Feb 19 '14 at 12:13

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