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I am trying to build a PHP page where 27 videos of our Vimeo channel are displayed. The videos, the title and the description are loaded dynamically so that I only have to change the video ID variables to replace a video, the title and the description with a new one.

The problem is that only the title and the description of the first five videos are displayed. Videos 6-27 don't show this information. The videos are all properly displayed.

I am using the Advanced API and make a call for each of the 27 videos (here the code for the first two videos):

$vid1 = $vimeo->call('vimeo.videos.getInfo', array('video_id'=>$video1_ID));
$vid1_title = $vid1->video[0]->title;
$vid1_descr = $vid1->video[0]->description;

$vid2 = $vimeo->call('vimeo.videos.getInfo', array('video_id'=>$video2_ID));
$vid2_title = $vid2->video[0]->title;
$vid2_descr = $vid2->video[0]->description;

To display the results, I am using the following code:

<div class=\"video_left\"> 
      <iframe src=\"".$video1_ID."\" width=\"284\" height=\"160\" frameborder=\"0\" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> 
      <p class=\"title\">".$vid1_title."</p>
      <p class=\"desc\">".$vid1_descr."</p>    

Any idea why I don't see all results? My guess is that I use too many API calls at once. How could I solve this problem?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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What does the playground say? (…) Additionally, it might be better to just get all the videos from that channel (…) –  Dashron Feb 19 '14 at 16:25
Hey, thanks for your reply. The playground properly displays all information for each Video ID. The videos should be sorted by categories (9 categories - 3 videos in each category) on our website, so I guess calling all videos won't solve this problem. Or do you have a simple solution to sort the videos and still be able to swap videos by changing a Video-ID in the PHP code? Thanks for your help. –  Johnny Bravo Feb 19 '14 at 18:19

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