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The output of my JSON call can either be an Array or a Hash. How do I distinguish between these two?

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you can use the constuctor property of your output:

if(output.constructor == Array){
else if(output.constructor == Object){

Edit: It's the year 2014 now and my answer from 2008 still gets +1 every few weeks, so an update is due.

Modern browsers support Array.isArray method. See MDN for documentation and a polyfill.

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This has the potential of conflicts between different pages, since they both have different instances of the Array and Object constructor functions, that won't compare as equal. I'm not quite sure how to produce an example that demonstrates this, but I read it somewhere. –  ripper234 May 14 '12 at 11:15
@ripper234 The problem will manifest itself in a multi window environment. –  alex Nov 11 '12 at 3:55
+1 for metioning Array.isArray. Check this link for borwser support: kangax.github.io/compat-table/es5/#Array.isArray –  SKuijers Mar 11 at 13:47
Anybody using underscore.js might find isArray and isObject useful. –  akotian Jul 30 at 16:56

Is object:

function isObject ( obj ) {
   return obj && (typeof obj  === "object");

Is array:

function isArray ( obj ) { 
  return isObject(obj) && (obj instanceof Array);

Because arrays are objects you'll want to test if a variable is an array first, and then if it is an object:

if (isArray(myObject)) {
   // do stuff for arrays
else if (isObject(myObject)) {
   // do stuff for objects
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Good answer. You may want to add the every js object can be treated as a hash. –  Rontologist Oct 20 '08 at 15:34
isObject(new Date())) is true, but a date is not an object/hash in the sense of this question. Of course we just apply it to JSON, but the method name is really confusing then. –  1101 Jun 28 at 19:12

Did you mean "Object" instead of "Hash"?

>>> var a = [];
>>> var o = {};
>>> a instanceof Array
>>> o instanceof Array
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Check for "constructor" property on the object. It is Array - it is an array object.

var a = {

if (a.c.constructor == Array)
   for (var i = 0; i < a.c.length; i++)
   for (var s in a.b);

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I made a function for determining if it's a dictionary.

exports.is_dictionary = function (obj) {
    if(!obj) return false;
    if(Array.isArray(obj)) return false;
    if(obj.constructor != Object) return false;
    return true;

// return true
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary({}), true);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary({abc:123, def:456}), true);

// returns false
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary([]), false);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary([123, 456]), false);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary(null), false);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary(NaN), false);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary('hello'), false);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary(0), false);
test.equal(nsa_utils.is_dictionary(123), false);
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