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we've created a webformapplication which is rather dynamic in its display of content.

Now I have to implement a tab-control which loads some addinitional input fields on demand (async tab pages). Basically the whole "Control-Tree" exists serverwise. I made a second page called asynchData which can retrieve those controls, that are meant to be loaded that way.

The code is pretty short on that one:

protected void Page_init(object sender, EventArgs e)

This thing does all it needs to do, it gets all the controls and returns them.

However this fails at runtime since its telling me those controls need to lie in a form element with runat="server". Since the original page has this form, i thought this wont be a problem, because they are loaded (asynchronously) into this form.

So how do I make my async-page bellieve it is just a part of a page?

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