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Hello and thanks for reading and probably also helping me

brief explanation of my problem:

I am copying Data from one Firebird-Database to another (called V14) and i am using IBExpert to do so. The tables are named equally and have the same structure. For the purpose of explaining i am going to call the table containing the data in the old database A and the table i want to insert the data into shall be called B.

So the only thing to do is to take all Data from table A and insert them into table B. The small piece of Code to do so is:


executing this i receive the error-Message (after some rows were transfered):

Invalid insert or update value(s): object columns are constrained - no 2 table rows can have duplicate column values. attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in unique index "UI_BSMZ"

This unique-Index contains 2 Data-colums and applies to table B and A.

There are multiple rows that cause this problem but also multiple rows are transfered as desired. I have prooved that the rows, that can't be inserted into table B have values in their unique-key-colums, that are not alredy present in table B.

(For purpose of testing i did remove the constraint from table B. But i still get the same error-message, wich confuses me even more)

I am not really sure what could cause this problem and would appreciate some hints.

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In some cases it might occur with a corrupt index that backs the unique constraint. Also check that there are no null values in one of the constrained columns. –  Mark Rotteveel Feb 19 at 20:23
There are no null-Values in the constrained colums. Maybe i should ask google how to fix a corrupt index and take a look if this solves the issue... –  user3327902 Feb 20 at 6:50
Another thing: does the constraint include (var)char columns? If so, could it be a column with a case insensitive and/or accent insensitive collation? –  Mark Rotteveel Feb 20 at 8:37
It contains an integer and a VarChar(6) colum. But the VarChar is only used to store numbers. (dont ask me why, i did not design it - i just have to cope with it ^^) –  user3327902 Feb 20 at 10:19

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you got exactly error info unique index "UI_BSMZ" find this declaration of unique constraint - it is not about foreign key from B to A this is constraint in table on some field[s]

in source database run query on fields from this UK UI_BSMZ


if this query return some rows - than in source database index is corrupted - or not exists

to fix index (after deleting duplicates) - run this:


this rebuild your index

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