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I have developed an java application that input user source code and show their existing code in graphical package structure. The application then, based on user input and other algorithm implemented, will output custom file that define new package structure for client code.

Now, I want to refactor the user code based on this new package structure. Since eclipse has powerful refactoring feature, therefore, i want to know are there any API's or library of eclipse available which i can use them in my application to implement refactoring logic?

PS: Later after completing my application, I want to deploy my application as an plugin in eclipse. That's why I want to use eclipse refactoring feature.

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This is a big subject, have a look at this and this –  greg-449 Feb 19 at 13:05
Follow up potential dupe: stackoverflow.com/questions/22180988/… –  ShiDoiSi Mar 6 at 15:06

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