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Sorry for the noobish question, my syntax is wrong and I cant understand why.

internal delegate void DoSomethingWithParam(MyObject localObjectToPassAsParam);

and I use it:

myControl.BeginInvoke(new FinishAddingEntitiesToFolderDelegate(FunctionNameWithSignatureAsDelegate), localObjectToPassAsParam);

This will call my function OK:

private void FunctionNameWithSignatureAsDelegate(MyObject localObjectToPassAsParam)

This works fine, when I try doing so with anonymous delegate it does not compile.

Where Am I suppose to put the parameter ?

myControl.BeginInvoke((Action<MyObject >)(() =>
   //I want to use my object here..
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Tried it this way?

   // Your code here

Let localObjectToPassAsParam be the instance of your object ;-) Please try and let me know, whether it worked in terms of type safety.

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