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I am trying to stream live camera video from android device to a webpage. Currently I used libstreaming library to stream camera video to VLC player.

When I deployed the project on Nexus 5 device it is working fine and I can see camera video streaming in VLC player. But when I tried to deploy same code in Google Glass it is throwing me an error saying "Error: stsd box could not be found"

This error comes from the file on line number 63.

public StsdBox getStsdBox() throws IOException {
                try {
                        return new StsdBox(fis,getBoxPos("/moov/trak/mdia/minf/stbl/stsd"));
                } catch (IOException e) {
                        throw new IOException("Error: stsd box could not be found");

Kindly help me if anybody is having any idea on this issue.

Thank You, Happy Coding :)

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This was fixed in recent commit and I could able to successfully stream from Google Glass to a Webpage.

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I think it was libstream bug, that was solved in last commit (17 days ago).

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