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This is my first time to post a question in here at stackoverflow:

I'm currently research on Kindle online formating,I have seem couple websites that currently support online kindle format, e.g.


I know there is desktop application like "Calibre" and "Kindlegen" But, not sure how to implement it through a web service。 I was wondering if anyone knows there exists some framework or tools that can be implemented like that,I will be really appreciated.

Thank you

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If you're on Rails, you can use the kindlegen gem for installing kindlegen, then use that to convert to MOBI files (which is what we ended up doing). We also looked into installing the command-line calibre tools, but couldn't get it working on CentOS 5.8.

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So you are pretty much by using Rails and call Kindlegen as a local application to convert html to Kindle Format ? I thought about to doing something like that. But not sure if this is the best way to do it for web-service –  Charles.C Feb 19 at 22:12
Yeah, exactly. We found it works pretty well. :) –  Waynn Lue Feb 19 at 23:54
Awesome, I will try that out. –  Charles.C Feb 20 at 2:21
Another thing I was wondering is, have you try to convert html to article(Like the "Send to kindle" function). It will automatically convert a web page to article like mobi –  Charles.C Feb 20 at 2:21
Yeah, we've done that (on a very limited basis) as well, and it still works -- the problem is making sure all the styles are working in kindlegen, and that's more difficult. –  Waynn Lue Feb 20 at 2:24

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