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I have a problem where my vshost.exe filename is different from my actual application.exe filename, preventing me from debugging the application.

The setup is as follows:

- MySolution
    - Installer.Release
    - Installer.Debug
    - Installer.Testing
    - MyApplication

I'm using Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.0 and InstallShield LE.

Now, for reasons beyond my control it was decided that the application executable name should contain the environment: MyApplication (Release).exe, MyApplication (Debug).exe, MyApplication (Testing).exe.

This is easily done by modifying the .csproj file to the following:

<AssemblyName>MyApplication (Release)</AssemblyName>
<AssemblyName Condition="'$(Configuration)' == 'Debug'">MyApplication (Debug)</assemblyName>
<AssemblyName Condition="'$(Configuration)' == 'Testing'">MyApplication (Testing)</AssemblyName>

When building the application in Debug it generates the following files in my bin/Debug folder:

MyApplication (Debug).exe
MyApplication (Debug).exe.config
MyApplication (Debug).vshost.exe
MyApplication (Debug).vshost.manifest

So far so good.

When building the application in Testing, it generates the following files in my bin/Testing folder:

MyApplication (Testing).exe
MyApplication (Testing).exe.config
MyApplication (Debug).vshost.exe
MyApplication (Debug).vshost.manifest

As you can see, the vshost files that are generated are named differently, which causes Visual Studio to throw the following error when trying to debug:

Visual Studio cannot start debugging because the debug target 'D:\Code\MySolution\MyApplication\bin\Testing\MyApplication (Debug).exe' is missing. Please build the project and retry, or set the OutputPath and AssemblyName properties appropriately to point at the correct location for the target assembly.

Interestingly, if I change the AssemblyName of the Debug configuration to MyApplication (Foo), then the vhost files in the Testing folder are also renamed to MyApplication (Foo). So something is forcing the use of my Debug configuration onto my Testing configuration. But what?

Currently I can work around it by launching the application and then attaching the Visual Studio debugger, but it's wasting my time. It's also not a problem when building the installer, because the vshost files are simply ignored.

So far Google has not been really helpful. Most of the search results explain what a vshost file is and how it works but that's not what I need. I need to know why the vshost files are named differently and how I can fix this.

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Another workaround can be to disable the vshost option:

Go to Project + Properties, Debug tab, un-check the "Enable the Visual Studio hosting process" option.

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