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I'm using simple pam on github(https://github.com/beatgammit/simple-pam). And in my project, i want handle CUPS authentication using PAM, So i change /etc/pam.d/cups


@include common-auth
@include common-account
@include common-session


auth sufficient testpam.so
account sufficient testpam.so

when i auth but failed,and i got CUPS error like this:

[17/Feb/2014:19:24:50 +0800] cupsdAuthorize: pam_authenticate() returned 6 (Permission denied)!
[17/Feb/2014:19:24:52 +0800] cupsdAuthorize: pam_authenticate() returned 6 (Permission denied)!

Is there something wrong about your simpe pam? or i must implement something?

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