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I am new to Java Programming and I am stuck as how to convert local variable into Class Variables. The way I knew is to declare the variable outside method, but the value of that variable is initialize inside a method, When I use that method outside the method, it gives me null. Please let me, how can I do that.

Thanks in Advance.

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Read a tutorial. And don't stop there, follow up anything you didn't understand. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Feb 19 at 14:36
Where is the code you are talking about? FYI, there is no global varaible's in java. You have to refer them as instance member –  sᴜʀᴇsʜ ᴀᴛᴛᴀ Feb 19 at 14:36
Thanks Suresh for correcting me. Inspite of "Global Variables" i must use, "Class Variables". Please let me the ways that I can do that. –  Archit Mathur Feb 19 at 14:40

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Create instance variable (member variables of class) for simplicity instead of local variable.

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Thanks Ankur for the help. –  Archit Mathur Feb 19 at 14:54

Two things. Set the value within the constructor of the class, and don't create a new copy of the same variable within a method (it becomes a locally scoped variable).

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Thanks jmkgreen for the help. –  Archit Mathur Feb 19 at 14:54

Initialize the variable outside a block, and set it inside the block. You will have access to it outside.

int myInt;
if(x > 10){
   myInt = x;
// You have access to myInt here;


if(x > 10){
   int myInt = x;
// You Do Not have access to myInt here;
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