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Recently, I hav a new Web project, it's simple, nothing hard, but has some "problems" that i never seen before.

The idea it's simple.

One page (A.aspx) call to anoher page (B.aspx). The 2 pages are in the same directory.

B.aspx is shown. When the work it's finished on B.aspx, this execute a Response.Redirect to A.aspx.

Now, something that I don't know is happening, because, redirect to A.aspx, but the url is B.aspx...and then the page A.aspx seen, but any buttom of function work.

The code:


protected void btnView_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){
   Response.Redirect("B.aspx", false);


private void GoBack()
      Response.Redirect("OfficeDetail.aspx", false);

And nohing more...

Someone know what's happening?

PS: I'm using jquery mobile, I don't know if it can provoque any problem, but is the first time that I have this problem.


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Is there more code in b.aspx? Without seeing more it's really tough to tell what's going on. It almost sounds like you're using a server.transfer instead of a response.redirect from what you're describing. –  Tim Feb 19 at 15:23
No, only the code that you see here. –  AMGHoshi Feb 19 at 15:25
are you using jquery mobile ajax navigation? I think is better to use MVC to work with JS frameworks. The integration with web forms can be difficult and not natural –  Carlos487 Feb 19 at 15:29

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Ok, I solved this. The problem is that I'm not using data-ajax="false" attribute on the page.

<form id="frmMain" runat="server" data-ajax="false"></form>
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