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I'm new using Unity 3D, but I've been investigating a lot about Kinect and avateering. What I wanna do is something like: http://vimeo.com/79811140.

I'm using the ZigFu (OpenNi) samples as a starting point, but as you can see on the video, the avatar is "placed" on the real world; they're using AR. What I need to do is have a second camera pointing to a certain location and just show the 3D over that camera feed texture, the problem is that when I try to do this, if the Kinnect is connected and I start the program I get an error when I use .Play(); on my webcam that says that the graph can't be displayed or something like that, when I disconnect Kinect I can see my webcam video on a texture.

Any ideas of how can I solve this?

Regards, AMV

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