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Is graph reduction faster or better than supercombinators in any aspects?

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Supercombinators (typically) do graph reduction, so I'm not sure what the question is. –  augustss Feb 19 at 16:25
As far as I know, GHC does not use supercombinators at all. Supercombinators turns the problem into a tree reduction, not graph reduction. –  Viclib Feb 19 at 16:41
I don't think that's true in the presence of general recursion. Besides, it's not like tree reduction is somehow "easier" than full graph reduction... –  MathematicalOrchid Feb 19 at 16:45
@Viclib, what would you say the difference is between tree reduction and graph reduction implementation-wise? The first is just a special case of the second isn't it? –  Wes Feb 19 at 22:40
Nobody serious does tree reduction. Combinators have been doing graph reduction since David Turner suggested in in the early 70s. –  augustss Feb 19 at 23:43

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Graph reduction is a technique for executing supercombinators.

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