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I need to create a Maven *.jar that contains SWIG wrapper of a C/C++ project.

The SWIG wrapper has two parts :

  1. JNI java classes
  2. SWIG DLL (coded in C/C++)

My problem is that I can't load the library (DLL) of the SWIG wrapper, moreover this library points to other libraries, for example it needs VC++ Runtime.

Comparison :

When *.java of the wrapper + *.class + all the needed *.dll, in the same directory, it works fine. But, when things (*.java, *.class, *.dll) become separated and each category is under a separated directory, nothing works anymore.

Maven project structrue :

|-src/main/java (SWIG wrapper *.java classes )
|-src/main/resources (SWIG DLL and all the necessary *.dll libraries)

Thank you!

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what do you mean specifically by "nothing works anymore", the build process fails or the application run fails or the packaging fails? –  Schollii Feb 19 at 18:00
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