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How does one serve up files from the root context when running a grails application with run-app. For example, I want to serve up robots.txt file from /robots.txt and serve up my application from /mygrailsapp/.

Does grails run-app use tomcat? How do you configure the tomcat plugin to serve static files from the root context?

Failed paths taken thus far...

1) I found a way to set the project to the root context so everything is served from the root context but this is not want I want.

2) I found an old post (2008) describing how to enable multiple contexts with run-app and jetty. Does run-app still use jetty?

Similar to question How to place certain files in the root directory of the Grails server? but I want a solution that is contained within the grails project.



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Are you just trying to show robots.txt from /mygrailsapp/robots.txt or is it important that the actual file live in the first level directory on the file system? – derdc Feb 19 '14 at 19:07
in order for web crawlers to detect robots.txt, it must be served from / and will not be recognized from /mygrailsapp/ Where it lives on the file system does not matter at all. – Nathan Reese Feb 19 '14 at 21:38

After some digging it looks like this is easy.

First, embedded tomcat can be configured via scripts/_Events.groovy with the eventConfigureTomcat event handler.

Second, you can add another context to serve out files from root.

import org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappLoader

eventConfigureTomcat = {tomcat ->
    File dir = new File("./scripts/rootContext")
    def rootContext = tomcat.addWebapp("/", dir.getAbsolutePath())
    rootContext.reloadable = true
    rootContext.loader = new WebappLoader(tomcat.class.classLoader)

    //bonus answer - gzip json response
    tomcat.connector.setAttribute("compression", "on")
    tomcat.connector.setAttribute("compressableMimeType", "applicatio/json")

start grails with run-app and /robots.txt will get served from scripts/rootContext/robots.txt.

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