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I followed these instruction to install malt parser but I was unable to - How to use malt parser in python nltk. This is the error I get:

NLTK was unable to find the malt.jar file!
Use software specific configuration paramaters or set the MALTPARSERHOME environment variable.

Actually I put the correct patch into the MALTPARSERHOME environment variable directory(C:\Python27\maltparser-1.7.2) and I renamed the file maltparser-1.7.2.jar to malt.jar.

This is the code I use when i get the error.
import nltk
#parser = nltk.parse.malt.MaltParser(working_dir="C:\Python27\maltparser-   1.7.2",mco="engmalt.linear-1.7",additional_java_args=['-Xmx512m'])
parser = nltk.parse.malt.MaltParser(working_dir="C:\Python27\maltparser-1.7.2",mco="engmalt.linear-1.7")
txt = "This is a test sentence"
graph = parser.raw_parse(txt)
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