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I have the following XQuery:

let $a := 0
for $b in (1,2,3)
let $a := $a + 1
return $a+$b

The result I would expect is 2,4,6

However, the result is get is 2,3,4

Why does it produce this result, i.e. why does the value of $a in the for loop stays 1?

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Your two $a bindings are effectively different bindings within the same context. Variables are immutable in XQuery. –  adamretter Feb 19 at 21:49

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Variables in XQuery (and XSLT) are immutable. Therefore, once declared they cannot be reassigned.

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The XQuery Scripting extension allows such assignments:

variable $a := 0;

for $b in (1,2,3)
return {
    $a := $a + 1;

You can try it live at http://try.zorba.io/queries/xquery/DdFM2lLRNfcNK84tG8zLKZQIvCQ%3D In this code snippet, even though the syntax is imperative, it is still evaluated as a functional expression by the query processor because it doesn't contain any side-effecting expressions.

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