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I have this problem, in my report I have three groups (General, Department and details(users)) where I calculate the average performance of each user and with this the avg performance of each department, but when it comes to get the avg performance of the entire Org. the percentage does not match, I think is getting the avg value for each single user instead of the department group avg.

I need to get the value from the group and then do the avg. I have tried with:

Sum(Fields!Performance.Value, "GroupTotal")

But I get a error with the scope.


 - 0.00%
 - 14.97%
 - 16.04%

That is the column each row has another group inside with the values for each user

Hope I made myself clear, thanks!

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What specific version of SSRS? –  Ian Preston Feb 19 at 20:35
Post the expressions you are currently using and clarify the meaning of the data rows in your example. –  Mike Honey Feb 20 at 6:25
This is the results I get, the below result in dark blue shoul be the AVG from the first grouping (light blue) it should be 63.42 but the results are wrong i60.tinypic.com/4hv9tz.png –  Pablohrf Feb 21 at 19:21

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