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I'd like to comprehensively understand the run-time performance cost of a Docker container. I've found references to networking anecdotally being ~100┬Ás slower.

I've also found references to the run-time cost being "negligible" and "close to zero" but I'd like to know more precisely what those costs are. Ideally I'd like to know what Docker is abstracting with a performance cost and things that are abstracted without a performance cost. Networking, CPU, memory, etc.

Furthermore, if there are abstraction costs, are there ways to get around the abstraction cost. For example, perhaps I can mount a disk directly vs. virtually in Docker.

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@GoloRoden that question is similar but not exactly the same. I'm looking for latency costs with reasons like "networking is being passed through an extra layer" whereas that question's accepted answer is more about measuring the costs of the container + app. –  Luke Hoersten Feb 19 at 18:29
Okay, that's right. I retracted my close vote. –  Golo Roden Feb 19 at 18:43
I'm glad you posted it though. That question didn't come up in my search. The measurement/metrics article is super useful: blog.docker.io/2013/10/gathering-lxc-docker-containers-metrics –  Luke Hoersten Feb 19 at 22:15
This is a good session titled "Linux Containers - NextGen Virtualization for Cloud" telling performance metrics by comparing docker, KVM VM and bare metal: youtube.com/watch?v=a4oOAVhNLjU –  shawnzhu May 22 at 3:49

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