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#wrap .pushup {
  margin-top: -215px;

This works perfectly in Chrome, but not in Firefox. Apparently it doesn't recognize a negative margin.

Chrome (correct): chrome

Firefox (wrong): enter image description here

I thought it could be a floating divs issue. I tried using the clearfix and moving the .pushup class in an outer div, but still no luck.

Any ideas?

I'm using Bootstrap 3.1.

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Have you tried float: left? –  Stumblor Feb 19 at 18:29

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If you remove .jumbotron > .container > .row > .col-xs-12 { height:100%; } it should show correctly in firefox.

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FF is very hard to understand when it comes to negative margin. So instead of using negative margin,use relative positioning.

#wrap .pushup {
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Is this code working for you? I tried it in browser in its working fine –  Ankur Aggarwal Feb 20 at 8:45
Thanks, it is working indeed, but I chose the other answer because we probably shouldn't have set an height: 100% at first place. –  simone Feb 20 at 10:22

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