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From koajs.com:


Return a callback function suitable for the http.createServer() method to handle a request. You may also use this callback function to mount your koa app in a Connect/Express app.

Now I have an Express app that already starts its own http server. How can I mount a koa app on top of this existing server, so that it shares the same port?

Would I include the koa app as an Express middlware? Do I still use app.callback() for that?

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Maybe "expressapp.use(koaapp.callback())"? –  bodokaiser Feb 19 '14 at 21:22

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Since you need a server instance in order to mount a middleware on a specific /prefix, it would be something like

var http = require('http');
var expressApp = require('express');
var koaApp = require('koa');

// ...

expressApp.use('/prefix', http.createServer(koaApp.callback()));
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expressapp.use(koaapp.callback()) is fine. but remember, koaapp.callback() does not have a next, so there's no passing errors to the express app or skipping the koaapp once you use it.

it's better to keep them completely separate since their APIs are incompatible

var koaapp = koa()
var expressapp = express()
http.createServer(req, res) {
  if (true) koaapp(req, res);
  else expressapp(req, res);
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Your conditional if (true) will always be true—consider revising your answer for more clarity if you really think a condition is necessary. –  Arx Poetica Apr 21 at 1:41

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