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I have the following module (pseudo code below) which saves data back to the server using Breeze.

    function saveChanges() {
        if (manager.hasChanges()) {
            return manager.saveChanges()
        return Q.resolve();

        function saveSucceeded(data) {
        function saveFailed(data) {

I am capturing the changes that have been saved for some further processing:


Is it possible to get which properties of a given entity have changed after a save?

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The changes to an entity will have already been changed on the client before you call the save; the save just commits these changes to the server.

However, you can capture the list of changed properties ( and their original values) for each entity BEFORE you call save and use this list if the save completes successfully. Take a look at the 'originalValues' section of this page


function getOriginalValuesPropertyNames(entity) {
    var names = [];
    for (var name in entity.entityAspect.originalValues) { names.push(name); }
    return names;
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Excellent! Thanks Jay! This should get me going :) –  GETah Feb 19 '14 at 20:35

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