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An address node is connected to risk reports. Reports are ordered on a periodic basis, every year. I want to set a property for the latest report, for a given year. I was doing this while populating the data from SQL to Neo4j. Would like to know, if the same is possible through Cypher.

    MATCH path = (a)-[:`Assessment`]->(b) 
    return a.addressLine1 , b.reportYear, b.reportMonth 

The nodes and respective properties are as shown above.

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Don't know if you want to set the property on the report or on the address.

something like this?

MATCH path = (a)-[:`Assessment`]->(b)
WITH a, b.reportYear as year, max(b.reportMonth) as month
MATCH path = (a)-[:`Assessment`]->(b)
WHERE b.reportYear=year AND b.reportMonth = month
SET b.lastOf=year
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Thank you so much, this is exactly my requirement. –  patb23 Feb 20 at 15:04
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