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I've bundled a jar file as a mac application using jar bundler. I'm now trying to create an installer for this app so that: 1) The application will be placed in the applications folder 2) The application is added to the list of permissible apps in Mac Application Level Firewall

Also, I have several example files I would like to include with this application - what is the best way to make these available to the user. Someone suggested I have the mpkg file launch a dmg file which would contain these files, but this seems circuitous.


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Apple's PackageMaker, included with Xcode, can install the files along with your application; but that's usually done for files that need an absolute path. Alternatively, just distribute the application bundle and example files in a .dmg, and let the user allow or block the connection in System Preferences. As a convenience, you can include an alias to the /Applications folder.

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I asked the same question here. Signing the .app will prevent all but the first firewall warning. (Same as with major programs like Firefox). Signing the app is a hassle, but there's the benefit. I don't know of any Ant task that can help here.

As for packaging I suggest the JarBundler Ant Task here. I have added it to my build process and it has saved me lots of time. And last, an Ant Task for making the dmg here.

Good luck.

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I'm not sure how/if you can change firewall rules, but few people run firewalls on Mac OS X anyway (no, really).

So I would just add instructions to your documentation about what ports to open if the user has enabled the firewall.

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You can't circumvent the firewall (for obvious reasons), but the user will be asked on first launch whether to allow incoming connections.

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