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I am porting some Haskell code over into Scala. In Haskell I can use the error function. It seems at some point you could do this in Scala but the IDE is showing me that this is deprecated now. Here is the code:

def prime (n : Int) : Boolean = () match {
    case _ if n < 1 => error("not a positive integer")
    case _ if n == 1 => false
    case _ => ld (n) == n

What do I use instead of the error function in Scala now?

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As a note, you really ought to avoid error in Haskell for something a little bit nicer and less "completely crash the program"-y –  jozefg Feb 19 '14 at 19:40
These are small throw away programs I am writing and porting. –  I.K. Feb 19 '14 at 19:44

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You should use sys.error as mentioned in deprecated message.

@deprecated("Use `sys.error(message)` instead", "2.9.0")

You could run scala with -deprecation option to get this message:

scala> def t = error("t")
<console>:7: warning: method error in object Predef is deprecated: Use `sys.error(message)` instead
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