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I'm using the Visual Studio Color Theme Editor extension to help darken up VS2010, found a nice theme that I like however I've got one big problem with it.

On the Property sheet, at the bottom where it says the name of the property and a sort description this theme I'm using is impossible to read; Black on a dark grey background. Unfortunately, I don't know what this specific segment of the Property window is called to change it.

enter image description here

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do you want to change the text color, or the background color ? –  Keats Feb 19 at 19:57
@Samuel_xL Either would be acceptable –  sab669 Feb 19 at 19:58

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You can not change the text color with the extension.

To figure that out, copy FFFFFF, select all line in the theme editor configuration pane (with Shift), press Ctrl+V (yes, you can do that, pretty neat !) and hit apply : everything that can be themed will then appear white. The text however, will stay black.

You can hopefully change the background color : It's called ToolWindowBackground. It will affect all tool windows of course. There's no specific item for this window in particular.

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