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I'm trying to build a package under Anaconda using the conda utility, but I get an error message that is too vague to be actionable:

BUILD END: pymc-2.3.2-np17py27_0
TEST START: pymc-2.3.2-np17py27_0
Error: Unsatisfiable package specifications
Hint: pymc 2.3.2 np17py27_0 has a conflict with the remaining packages

How are we to know which packages it is conflicting with? I'm not even sure what "remaining packages" refers to, as I am building a single package, so there are no remaining packages as far as I'm concerned.

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Agreed, the error message is vague. To debug this it would be useful to know which conda-recipe is being used, and also which version of conda. Using conda 3.0.5, I am able to build the pymc recipe in without any problems. Thanks.

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That's because I just merged a pull request that removes pydot as a dependency. – asmeurer Feb 20 '14 at 16:10

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