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In a PHP script, I periodically check to see if my redis-server is running, using redis-cli ping.

If this returns NULL, I want to restart the redis-server within that same script, and ping redis again.

What is the best way to do this?

The closest I've come is using shell_exec("redis-server") but that makes the PHP script hang (since it starts the screen in that same process). Is there a way I can run screen redis-server within PHP without hanging up the current script?

I've also tried exec("sh " . __DIR__ . "/") which contains screen redis-server, but that does nothing.

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Most likely it is not running as a daemon, hence it is hanging. Check out:

Once you set it up as a daemon, the shell_exec() call should return immediately.

You should also ensure that the php script is running as the same effective user as the redis-server

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