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I have the following best_in_place tag

<%= best_in_place_if @member_page.user_id == current_user.id, @member_page, :about_me, :type => :textarea, :nil => "click the edit button and write a few paragraphs about yourself", :ok_button => 'OK', :ok_button_class => "ok-but-text", :cancel_button => 'Cancel', :cancel_button_class => 'cancel-but-text', :inner_class => "test-inner-text", :classes => "test-classes", :use_confirm => false, :display_with => :simple_format, :path => members_community_member_page_update_path(:id => @member_page.user_id), :activator => "#body-edit" %>

I can edit text in the textarea in a single line and it works ok

If I try and add a new line (& linespace) and click the ok button, there is no response - ie my terminal output shows nothing happens. Same thing if I hit the tab bar.

If I remove the :ok_button from the tag above, then I can add newlines to the edit, hit tab and it updates and displays as expected

Am I missing something or does the OK button simply not work with textareas & newlines?

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