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I am trying to write a currying function in JavaScript,the inner function does not update the value of the array args:

var myCurry=function(fn)
    var len=fn.length;
    var _slice=Array.prototype.slice;
    var args=_slice.call(arguments,1);
    return function next()
        var rem=_slice.call(arguments,0)
            return fn.apply(null,args);
            return next;

I call it like this:

 var _sum=myCurry(sum,2);
 var res=_sum(2);
 var res2=res(3,4);

This returns the function next at all times,presumably because the array is not updated.How do I fix this error to ensure that the function work?

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args = args.concat(rem);

concat() performs no in-place modifications. It returns a new Array

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It's because .concat() doesn't mutate the array. Use .push() instead if you want to mutate the original.

args.push.apply(args, rem);

Or if you didn't care if the original was replaced, just assign the return value from .concat()

args = args.concat(rem);
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Using push causes the numbers to be converted to String,and performing addition causes the result to appear like this: 223,4.Is push type-coercive? –  vamsiampolu Feb 20 '14 at 1:55
@user2309862: No, there's no conversion when using .push(). The issue must be elsewhere. Did you type it exactly as I have, using .apply()? If not, then that's most likely your issue. If you did args.push(rem), then that's very different from doing args.push.apply(args, rem);, which is what my answer shows. –  cookie monster Feb 20 '14 at 3:47
I tried it out using node,that was when I got the output I mentioned above –  vamsiampolu Feb 20 '14 at 4:20
@user2309862: It doesn't matter if it's in NodeJS or in a browser. It does matter if you did args.push.apply(args, rem) vs args.push(rem)... and by the way, if you use .push() correctly like that, you don't even need to _slice() the arguments. Just do args.push.apply(args, arguments); –  cookie monster Feb 20 '14 at 14:06

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