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Can I use the Default Media Receiver to display a web page or an HTML5 app? Using Javascript in the Chrome browser, I have no problem sending a single png image (content type image/png) to the Chromecast but it fails if I specify an html link (content type text/html). session.loadMedia will fire the error handler and e.code/e.description reports session_error/LOAD_FAILED. I used Google's home page for my test:

//var currentMediaURL = "";
//var currentMediaType = "image/png";
var currentMediaURL = "";
var currentMediaType = "text/html";

function startApp()
  var mediaInfo = new, currentMediaType);
  var request = new;
  session.loadMedia(request, onMediaDiscovered.bind(this, 'loadMedia'), onMediaError);
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I think you need to have custom receiver, just have it run your code accordingly...

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I've asked how to do that exactly in a new question:… – kbriggs Feb 21 '14 at 21:06

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