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I've group of five character strings that are combinations of characters which go from a to z (a-z) and I need to narrow them down to strings with two vowels, i.e.


I thought this pattern^[^(aeiou)]*[aeiou]{2}[^(aeiou)]*$ would work but it doesn't. Help please.

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Following on from kabb's answer, to capture the entire string, you need to wrap his answer in a capture group, and make the current capture group a non-capture group:



agyge # matched
aohhh # matched
itgtu # matched
artdd # no match
bnghk # no match


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This should work


It tries looking for sets of characters that contain 0 or more consonants followed by a vowel, twice. If it manages that, then it matches any remaining consonants.

If it matches the whole string, then it satisfies your conditions.

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