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Currently I have a view UIView *myView;. I would like to add data to the view by saying something like myView.stringdata = @"whatever";. How can I do this? Sorry for the simple question I'm new to Xcode. Thanks in advance. :)

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Do you want to add a label to the view or actually store random data on the view? –  jervine10 Feb 20 at 2:53
I would like to attach a nsstring to the view. Not a visible object. @jervine10 –  JohnAnge Kernodle Feb 20 at 2:58

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You can't add random data to views. You can subclass UIView if you want and add a property to the class and store your string there. Or you could make a property in the ViewController that is driving your UIVIew and assign the string to it.

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this isnt necesarily true because he can make a category that holds a property and the works exactly as he was hoping –  ASKASK Feb 20 at 4:40
@ASKASK Incorrect. Categories cannot add instance variables or properties. This is what Apple says: Categories can be used to declare either instance methods or class methods but are not usually suitable for declaring additional properties. It’s valid syntax to include a property declaration in a category interface, but it’s not possible to declare an additional instance variable in a category. This means the compiler won’t synthesize any instance variable, nor will it synthesize any property accessor methods. –  Amar Feb 20 at 7:02
@ASKASK Workaround is using associative references. Refer this: stackoverflow.com/a/8733320/1407017 –  Amar Feb 20 at 7:09

You cannot add data to an instance of a class if the class does not have an ivar + accessor or a property for it.

You need to use one of the following approaches:

Subclass Category Delegate Associative Objects Composition Collections

All of these involve modifying the class as a whole in your app (or any app if it were a framework class in a framework visible at the user or system level) or they involve creating new classes or association by being in collection member.

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