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I've got an iOS7 photo app built on HTML5/Angular/Steroids/Cordova that grabs aphoto from the CameraRoll and shows it in the app as an IMG with the src coming from a file URI from the App local storage.

It works, but not well. The problem is that the app slows quickly, and crashes after loading about 5 JPGs (2048px on the longest edge).

I'm using the Cordova 3.1.0 API through steroids to grab an IMAGE_URI from the Camera Roll

cameraApiOptions :
  quality: 85
  sourceType: navigator.camera.PictureSourceType.PHOTOLIBRARY
  destinationType: navigator.camera.DestinationType.IMAGE_URI
  correctOrientation: true 
  targetWidth: 320           # not sure this param works...

Then I move the selected photo from Cordova's default tmp folder to Steroids folder using the FileEntry object from the Cordova File API

# file instanceof FileEntry
steroids.on "ready", ()->
  targetDirURI = "file://" + steroids.app.absoluteUserFilesPath
  fileName = new Date().getTime()+'.jpg'

    ((directory)->file.moveTo directory, fileName, fileMoved, fileError)

and my app sets IMG.src='file://...' from the local app storage

If I just change the IMG.src to pull 640px JPGs from an http URI, the app works a lot faster and continues to work even with 10+ JPGs loaded.

Any suggestions on what I can do to get better performance/results from a file URI?

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I think it must be a memory problem. I discovered if I save the JPGs as a down-sized 320px data URL, the app seems to work fine. 2048px JPGs might be too much. But I welcome any other ideas –  michael Feb 20 at 15:30

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