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I have a Remote Project (via SSH) set up in Eclipse.

The Subclipse plugin can't utilize the Remote Project's file system:

Subclipse forum post

As a result, you can't use the Subclipse features in a Remote Project.

Are these my only options for synchronizing a remote SSH folder in Eclipse?:

  1. rsync / Unison to a local folder with Subclipse.
  2. Distributed Revision Control System.

It appears that the support for DRCS's in Eclipse is still in it's early stages and a bit shaky.

Thanks for the help,


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I ended up using a local development environment in conjunction with an integration environment. Synchronizing a local folder with a remote folder turned out to be too fragile and difficult.

The development environment and integration environment require a fair amount of setup and co-ordination. Ultimately though, it is worth the effort to have a proper development, integration and production environment work flow set up.

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