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I am a new developer and don't know much about android programming. I am trying to make an app that reminds a user to do a particular thing every day at a specific time (like going to gym at 5:30 pm). I am able to get a notification after clicking of a button but i want this to be done by the app i.e. even if the app is not running it will remind me everyday to go the gym at 5:30. How can I get this???

I tried using AlarmManager but it gives my notification at that time only and sets the alarm for the specified time.

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Set repeating alarm. on broadcast receiver start your notification

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I tried to use broadcast receiver but it is showing one error. I am not getting what to do.public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {nm=(NotificationManager)getSystemService(NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); String body="i hope this works"; String title="trying"; Intent it=new Intent(context,SecondActivity.class); PendingIntent pit=PendingIntent.getActivity(context, 0, it,0); Notification n=new Notification(R.drawable.att,body,System.currentTimeMillis()); n.setLatestEventInfo(context, title, body, pit); n.defaults=Notification.DEFAULT_ALL; nm.notify(uniqueId, n); } –  bhakti123 Feb 20 at 11:05
it is showing error in nm=(NotificationManager)getSystemService(NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); –  bhakti123 Feb 20 at 11:08
use (NotificationManager)context.getSystemService(NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); –  yuva ツ Feb 20 at 11:54

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