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I'm new to knockout. I'm trying to bind the json returned from ajax call but it isn't happening.

<script type="text/javascript">
 var ServerData;

 $(document).ready(function () { 
      ko.setTemplateEngine(new ko.nativeTemplateEngine); 
      var oViewModel = new CompanyModel();   
      oViewModel.Newitem(new Company("","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""));

 function CompanyModel() {
     var self = this;
     self.CompanyList = ko.observable();
     $.getJSON("getallcompanies", function (response) {
         ServerData = ko.mapping.fromJSON(response);

In response I've the required data. But in ServerData I'm getting the following instead of the list.

function b() { if (0 < arguments.length) { if (!b.equalityComparer || !b.equalityComparer(d, arguments[0])) b.H(), d = arguments[0], b.G(); return this } r.T.Ha(b); return d }

Can You please let me know what's going wrong?

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Maybe you want to use ko.mapping.fromJS(response) – Explosion Pills Feb 20 '14 at 5:26
How are you querying/inspecting ServerData? You usually see that if you don't unwrap the observable (miss the brackets off): try console.log(ServerData()); and see if that works. – Tanner Feb 20 '14 at 7:54

You should use ko.mapping.fromJS to bind JSON that comes from server.

Also, you don't need to define self.CompanyList = ko.observable(); and bind set value to that property in self.CompanyList(ServerData);. It's all done by ko.mapping.fromJS. From Knockout Mapping documentation:

  • All properties of an object are converted into an observable. If an update would change the value, it will update the observable.
  • Arrays are converted into observable arrays. If an update would change the number of items, it will perform the appropriate add/remove actions. It will also try to keep the order the same as the original JavaScript array.

Try to change code like this:

 function CompanyModel() {
     var self = this;

     $.getJSON("getallcompanies", function (response) {
         ko.mapping.fromJSON(response, {}, self);
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