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I'm working on a Ultrasonic Transducers resonance tracking system. Where phase shift between Voltage and Current is the feedback signal for my system when phase difference is Zero that means system is resonant other wise depending on the phase difference frequency will be changed proportionally. I worked through lots of different techniques of phase detection which includes Several

Analog(Comparatively Simple) techniques such as:- 1.Phase Locked Loop 2.Zero Crossing Based Phase Measurement 3.Simple Phase Detector ICs

Digital(Complex DSP Based) Techniques Using Mathematical Algorithms such as:- 1.Cross Correlation 2.FFT 3.Goertzels Algorithm 4.Sine Wave fit Methods 5.VVV

So, My question is:- Which system will be best to use for phase difference calculation Analog or Digital ?

Considerations & Preferences:- Transducers are noisy (Gaussian White noise + Harmonics of Fundamental) Accurate phase difference calculations is Crucial.

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You may get better response if you post this on dsp.stackexchange.com. –  Roger Rowland Feb 20 at 5:27
Thank you !..... –  user3297083 Feb 20 at 6:03

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