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To resolve a conflict between jQuery and prototype,
is there any way other than asking jQuery to resolve via


and using jQuery instead of $('code').code;

Cant we ask prototype $ to step down and resolve.

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PrototypeJS adds a bit more to the global JavaScript namespace than jQuery does. For example, it adds meanings for: Ajax, $, $$, $F, Abstract, Form, $A, $H, $R, $w. You can look at a complete list of classes and utilities at

So the advice you've gotten is correct, There's no simple equivalent to jQuery.noConflict() for PrototypeJS.

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You should namespace your code anyway, and jQuery gives you a good opportunity to re-claim the $ in the same step:


jQuery(function ($) {
    // $ is the jQuery object in here
    // and doesn't conflict with Prototype

As described here.

I don't know if you can make Prototype "step down", but this is a perfectly elegant and working solution.

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RE separate answer: Yes, you can use jQuery as the conflict resolver. – deceze Feb 3 '10 at 6:47

I can't find any function in that will give back the $, like noConflict() in jQuery.

I wonder, what feature that you need so you still using prototype? jQuery might have plugins for that feature. Using 2 libraries in same page will make your page bloated by the size of each library.

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