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i add a demo sidebar to my site, it works with a little problem.

i can add settings like overlay thats work but when i add the setting duration don't working.


<div class="ui red vertical demo sidebar menu">
    <a class="item">
        <i class="home icon"></i>
    <a class="active item">
        <i class="heart icon"></i>
        Current Section
    <a class="item">
        <i class="facebook icon"></i>
        Like us on Facebook
    <div class="item">
        <div class="menu">
            <a class="item">About</a>
            <a class="item">Contact Us</a>

<%- body %>

<div id="sidebar" class="ui button myside">


navbar = function(){

    $.fn.popup.settings.sidebar = 'Navbar';


        .sidebar('attach events','.ui.button')
            debug: false,
            overlay: true, //working
            duration:1000 //not working



Where is the problem? I read the instructions but i not see my mistake.

Thanks for help

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