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I am using ACE editor on my page,

<script src="ace-builds-master/src-noconflict/ace.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    var editor = ace.edit("editor");

By default it is showing a font, I want to change my font to 'Tahoma 10pt'.

How do I do that?

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To change font you can either add a css rule for #editor. or use

  fontFamily: "tahoma",
  fontSize: "10pt"

But Ace only supports monospace fonts for now, and tahoma isn't monospace, so cursor position will be wrong.

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setOption() and setOptions() isn't working for me. Only way seems to be changing the actual CSS font-style which can throw off the positioning and sizing of the editor. – Rick Strahl Jul 7 at 3:15
maybe you are using old version, it works on – a user Jul 7 at 6:08
Nope doesn't work for me with ace-editor. When I call setOption("fontFamily") the spacing changes to the new font spacing but the actual font doesn't. Oddly fontSize works. – Rick Strahl Jul 10 at 3:41
Probably you have a css rule which overrides font-style on elements inside ace. – a user Jul 11 at 4:28

To my knowledge there is no shortcut to directly change Ace's font family other than editor.setOptions().

However you can set the font size in pixels directly by calling:

editor.setFontSize(10) // will set font-size: 10px
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