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Actually, I have a directory which has full permission (drwxrwxrwx) but i have a process which creates a file in this directory by using another user and problem is that files which is created by process has not enough permission (-r-xr--r--) that's why i am facing problem. So, is there any way to give the permissions by which created file also have complete permissions?

One more thing we would like to highlight that the process which creates this file is Informatica workflow.

Please assist.

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What is the file mode mask setting of this 'another user'? Run umask under this user will give the current setting. –  Lee Duhem Feb 20 at 7:39
it is 0000 for that particular user –  vishal Feb 20 at 8:24
What is the mode setting of open() call used to create this file? And the umask value before this open() call (call getumask())? If you can, run your program in a debugger or add print statements to output their values. –  Lee Duhem Feb 20 at 8:39

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You can use a command task after the session with the command chmod 777 <filename>

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no we can't change the permission of file bcoz it is temp file which is generated by one session and at same time another session use it –  vishal Feb 20 at 10:16
You can still use the command task in between the two sessions if the sessions are connected serially. Where are you facing the permission issues anyway? In the second session or in some other external script? –  Samik Feb 20 at 15:36
You can have command task following the session in the same workflow. Or even use post session command task. This should be executed as part of the session run. –  Maciejg Feb 21 at 19:22

Try setGID bit.Change the permission to 2770 on the directory. This will give specials permissions and your file has necessary permissions. chmod 2770

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