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I'm using entity framework designer to build entities. I found the designer really hard to use because it overwrite all your manually change after each model update using the designer. How did you round off this problem? Thanks!

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What sorts of things are you manually changing? The entity still has to be mappable to the database schema.

You can extend or add functionality by declaring a partial class.

Don't make any change to the entities in the generated file -- I think it says that in the header.

All of the entities are generated as partial classes, which means you can declare "more" of the class elsewhere.

Here is an example:

public partial class Name
   public string First { get; set; }

public partial class Name
   public string Last { get; set; }

Although I have two different class declarations, potentially in different files and folders within the project, it gets compiled as one class.

I can now use the Name class like this:

var name = new Name();
name.First = "Jane";
name.Last = "Doe";

As you can see, the properties from both declarations are unified in an object of type Name.

To apply this to EF, leave the partial entity class alone, and declare a separate partial class with the same name to add functionality.

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I don't want some of the lookup tables to be mapped as navigation property. So I removed those MSL CSDL content in the edmx. –  Roy Feb 3 '10 at 9:25

There is an alternative third-party tool. For more information, refer this. Currently, Devart Entity Developer doesn't include the Update From Database functionality. The Update From Database feature is on our roadmap.

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