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Now I'm trying to load properties file in computer file system in my desktop application using spring framework. configuration folder have two files: datasource-tx-jpa.xml and database.properties (both files locate at same folder). But when I run this application then a message box appear with message can not load ${sqlserver.jdbc.driverClassName} in dataSource. Below is configuration of datasource-tx-jpa.xml.

<context:property-placeholder location="file:database.properties" />

<bean id="dataSource"

    <property name="driverClassName" value="${sqlserver.jdbc.driverClassName}" />
    <property name="url" value="${sqlserver.jdbc.url}" />
    <property name="username" value="${sqlserver.jdbc.username}" />
    <property name="password" value="${sqlserver.jdbc.password}" />
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How are you loading the context and currently it is looking in the current directory for those files. –  M. Deinum Feb 20 at 8:11
applicationContext = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("file:J:/DungXNguyen/resources/jpa-app-context.xm‌​l"); –  user1122960 Feb 20 at 8:38
jpa-app-context.xml, datasource-tx-jpa.xml, database.properties are in same folder (resources) –  user1122960 Feb 20 at 8:39
Try file:./database.properties. –  M. Deinum Feb 20 at 8:40
Thanks for all your support. It works –  user1122960 Feb 20 at 9:31

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Since the file is on your resources folder, you can use <context:property-placeholder location="classpath*:database.properties" />

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