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How can I convert this query

return (IList)(from s in modelObject.BC_mountainResortMediaList
               select new
                   mountainId = s.mountainResortId,
                   mountainName = s.mountainResortName,

into this query

IEnumerable<BC_mountainResortMediaList> itemList =
           from item in modelObject.BC_mountainResortMediaList
           select new BC_mountainResortMediaList

               mountainName = item.mountainResortName,
               mountainId = item.mountainResortId,
               Selected = (item.Key == "TheKeyYouWantToSet")

Please help and how shall I call it in the controller

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What's wrong with the second query? What do you still need to be converted? What does this have to do with drop down lists, which are mentioned in tags and the subject, but not in the body of the post? –  Jon Skeet Feb 3 '10 at 7:12
Is this question related to the answer you received in this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/2175883/dropdownlist-in-mvc –  Bernard Chen Feb 3 '10 at 7:19

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